Why are we here?

Not really a philosophical question but more pertaining to the reason for this site.

OK, so I played in a band many many years ago and wasn’t really fussed with the music industry so made a conscious decision to change my career completely. I ended up in IT and been doing that for 20 years. Only recently have I rediscovered my passion for writing music again and with the advances in technology to recording music on a PC, it has came on leaps and bounds.

So, I use Cubase, with Guitar Rig 5. I record at home, no longer need a studio at least at the moment. I have started writing music again and upload my work to SoundCloud (the link to my profile page is in the top menu). I’m having fun again which is the main thing.

I also do a bit of photography but haven’t really had time to explore that as much as I would like recently so more to come on that later.

So this website is really just an outlet for my creative side away from my technical work life, although working in IT you really need to be creative and think out the box now and again so maybe i’m actually more creative than I give myself credit for!

Anyway, have a browse about, leave a comment if you want and I’ll answer any questions you might have.


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